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Revolutionary Hydraulic System ELIS
Low Operating and Maintenance costs
No Compromises on Power and Technology
Feel at home in the workplace
Excellent field of vision and driver-friendly cockpit
Modern accessory management system
Technical details

106 kW/144 PS 556 Nm @ 1400 rpm
Emissions standard EU-Stage IIIA /Tier 3

Max. flow rate 470 l/min
Hydraulic circuits with flow rates up to 170 l/min

Excellent field of vision and driver-friendly cockpit
Two travel speeds (0-6 km/h und 0-10 km/h)

From 9'800 kg
Lifting capacity: 4 m @ 4'300 kg

Brochure S2 > Download PDF
General arrangement drawing S2 4x4 > Download PDF

> Blitz quick-changer
> Rotor-Blitz quick-changer
> Tiltrotator
> Stone pickup bucket
> Demolition hammer
> Winch

> Face shovels and hoe-type buckets
> Ditching bucket, fixed
> Ditching bucket, hydraulically angled
> Slotted bucket

> Mulcher
> Drill ring
> Griffy cutter

S2 4X4

Exceptional climbing ability with maximum mobility

The special design of the S2 4x4 makes it ideal for working in difficult terrain where maximum mobility is also required.

While the small front drive wheels provide enhanced climbing ability, the hydraulically adjustable terrain pads ensure maximum stability in all situations.


- Maximum mobility in impassable terrain
- Permanent all-wheel drive
- Dual steering: wheel and leg steering
- Wide pad adjustment range for adaptation to variable terrain
- Compact size for easy transportation

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